Steps to participate in international fairs



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Steps to participate in international fairs

Here are some important steps when participating in an exhibitions Viet nam as well as internation expo. Each step has an important role, supporting each other to ensure the effectiveness of the work outlined earlier. Therefore, you should not skip any of the steps below!

Step 1: Choose an appropriate exhibition or fairs show.

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This is the first step to a smooth start to getting good results. Choosing the right trade show for your product is very important. To find out the main topic of the fair you want to participate in, you can visit the website to learn and understand the information thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply for a rental exhibition booth.

This is the next important step businesses need to know. Our grandparents used to have a saying: "Clement weather, favorable terrain, and concord among the people." The location and location of the stall are also very important. It leaves an impression and contributes to attracting the attention of customers. So how to get a good position? Businesses must learn and understand the information ahead of time and register with the Organizing Committee at least one year ahead of time.

However, in some cases of large fairs, businesses cannot choose the premises but will be appointed by the Organizing Committee .

Các bước tham gia hội chợ triển lãm quốc tế

Step 3: Construct the exhibition booth.

As well as exhibition Viet nam, booth design is the next step after choosing the right space. Whether customers want to step in to visit, refer to products or not will depend on the design of your booth. As a result, businesses must concentrate on this stage: designing impressively while maintaining high aesthetic standards. Choose a reputable exhibition booth construction unit to make sure your exhibition booth is impressive and attracts more customers. MT-Production is pleased to accompany your business to fully support the completion of the ideal fair booth.

Các bước tham gia hội chợ triển lãm quốc tế

Step 4: Select which products to show.

To choose products suitable for the nature of the fair, enterprises need to study and research the market. Some notes when choosing display products:

  • Identify the company's main product to compete with.
  • Select products in line with market trends and quality.
  • The product display area is suitable for the space and aesthetics of the whole booth.
  • It is necessary to prepare several ways to highlight the products on display.
  • Packaging: impressive packaging design.

Step 5: Fill out and submit a Visa Application

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Different from exhibition Viet nam, the issue of a visa is very important for participating in an international exhibition. It determines whether your business can join or not. Before going to another country, you should find out what procedures the car needs to follow. Currently, there are a few countries that exempt visas for Vietnamese citizens.

One point to note: if you are participating in a fair in the EU area, you need to prepare a lot of documents and apply for and submit a visa about 1 month before you fly. Therefore, to ensure flight departure, businesses should apply for a visa about 2 months in advance.

One problem. You should also work with the Organizing Committee in that country and ask if there is an invitation. If you are granted a paper, you will be approved by the embassy more quickly.

Step 6: Book a Hotel

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To avoid the case of a hotel being "burnt out" or located quite far from the fair area, you should register in advance. This will save time and a small amount of money. Usually, each Organizing Committee fair is combined with travel agencies to support accommodation, transportation, and conferencing. So you should contact the Organizing Committee for support.

Through the above article, MT-Production has provided you with steps to participate in international fairs. Hopefully, these hats will help you gain more experience. Take note of a few notes to achieve high results. If you are looking for a reputable and quality booth,
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