Advantages and limitations of Orbital Welding technology



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23 Tháng sáu 2022
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What is Orbital Welding Used For?
As was already mentioned, orbital welding is employed in a variety of fields and applications. This is because to the method exceptional more efficiency for otherwise complex welds in producing smooth, dependable connections .

Here are a few examples of applications:

Components for food, dairy, and beverage applications
Because these components must meet strict hygiene and safety standards, orbital welding technology is typically utilized to create welds with a lot of smoothness and penetration for these applications.

Advantages and limitations of Orbital Welding technology
In order to produce effective batch welds with flat surfaces and prevent the build-up of contaminantss, orbital welds are used for semiconductors to deliver efficient batch welds.

Aerospace Parts
For decades, aerospace has employed orbital welding to produce welds that can endure the stresses of flying at altitude while while remaining smooth and flawless

Even with unique materials, pieces with a considerable wall thickness, small diameters, or hazardous conditions, orbital welding may produce highly repeatable, reliable welds. These elements collectively have led to the widespread adoption of orbital welding technology across numerous sectors and applications.

While the cost of the necessary equipment is somewhat costly (5–10 times as much as conventional equipment), orbital welding can provide 2-3 times higher productivity than traditional TIG welding.
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